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professional banner potrait logo in johor

Portrait Brand Logo Design
Portrait Logo Design Johor
Human Face Logo Brand Identity
To know who is the founder. Easily remember create own brand identity IP in brand develop
Suitable for restaurant cafe or food product packaging brand such as KFC Ah Huat coffee
Encourage West Malaysian & Singaporean to order with us

Portrait Logo

Creating an image that lasts: Professional portrait logos for lasting impression

Creating a unique brand identity can be difficult, but having a clear portrait logo design makes it easy. 

Why should you have your own portrait logo?

  • Unique and professional brand identity
  • Easily recognizable product packaging
  • Memorable designs that reach target audiences
  • Professional design team

Portrait logo design for brands by Ycube Design is the perfect way to create a memorable and professional image. 

Who else uses portrait logo?

Companies like KFC and Ah Huat Coffee have used portrait logo designs to create their distinct presence, allowing customers to quickly identify who founded their products at a glance. 

Not only is this style of branding effective, but it also helps strengthen product packaging in brands by making them even more recognizable.

Contact us now because 

Ycube Design offers a team of professional designers ready to work on transforming your idea into successful branding strategies and memorable designs in order to reach your target audience with maximum impact.

Contact Info:
📍Address: No.41, Jalan Austin Perdana 2/23, Taman Austin Perdana, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
📞Tel: 010-7600 699
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