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Trade/Word Mark Application
-1 Mark under 1 class

Towards Search for similar marks, advise on likelihood of objection,
Applying for trade/word mark registration, and procuring trademark
Certificate (valid for 10 years from date of approval – subject to any amendments in the law)

(Note: where any objection are made or appreals against objections are required, a separate quotation will be given)

GENERAL DISBURSEMENATAS Subject to GST from Search to certificate:-
Stationery, printing, Photostatting, e-mail, telephone charges & postage / courier charges & miscellaneous (estimated)

SST 6%

1. Filing fee of Form TMA1 (search fee)
2. Filing fee of Form TMR7 (agent appointment)
3. Filing fee of Form TMA2A (trademark application)
4. Scanning Sheet of mark
5. Filing fee of Form TMJ4 (Certificate)

Protect Your Brand, Register a Logo Trademark Today

No one wants their logo and trademark misused. To protect your brand and avoid confusion, we can register a logo trandemark for your business with an affordable fee.

Y-cube Design offers a fast and easy way to get your logo registered through our proprietary system. Simply send us an image of your logo and we will take care of the rest.

For a hassle-free and affordable solution, contact us now.

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